Saturday, January 21, 2012


Risk, something you won't usually tread on. However, there is a certain edge of this sword, which can cut anything in your path. Of course, the edge is too sharp for your own good, so don't let the sword cut your own veins of stability.
Instead, face the simple reality. There is always a positive possibility of gains, other times your chances are vain. This movement is so plain, so sublime, yet many allow the fear to build a wall in the path to victory.

It is simple, there is a very strong tension between life of freedoms and life of securities. This is said in Machiavelli works and it is true to this day. You will have to choose. Or is there some road less traveled in between?
I cannot say for sure. All I know is that fear is useless. And many things considered risky are just mythological superstitions.
But then again, it is true that many people tread on snakes. It is imperative to calculate, coldly, rationally your risks and face all the consequences.

Allow yourself to be courageous. Yet, know your risks. It is so simple recipe, yet how many of you follow this cooking method?

Friday, January 20, 2012


The spirit of giving, what a strange altruistic premise.

Yet we all know that the altruism is double-faced. We are always expecting payment, a sort of reward for our sacrifice, our revoluting against the pragmatic minds of capitalism-saturated society.
The true gift should be given without any of those expectations, but are we really possible of such a feat?
The least we almost can't deny is the fact that giving something to someone gives our-self at least a bit of good feeling. So the giving isn't really giving. It's a trade. A little this for that.

The saddest thing is the fact that people have built entire rituals around it and they become vindicating, if you forget to give them something in return. The simple act, the act of entirely random kindness have become non-existent.
Kindness is bound with agenda of fat cats trying to raise the money for seemingly noble cause, yet very few of them really strife for this goal. So in the end, can't you just give something to somebody, without any deep, rational thinking about it?

Notice that I don't associate word "gift" with "help". Those are different things. Gift is more luxurious, a simple boost in your weary existence, beautiful, but not necessarily big, pompous or monetary, although it can be.

Well, it is interesting word either way, don't you think?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The long sleep have perhaps shaken your veins, but inside you knew... that every world is born from cosmic egg, anew.
So let me remind you why are you still alive, there is not much to say, except maybe through looking glasses of you average (as you might call it) day.
There is of course no way, how I could dare to interpret that on my own. It is up to you to shape your destiny, the shallow rocks of determinism have no power over you.
But they will make you believe that. They would like that.

I am not talking about new world conspiracies, save that for scammers and fearmongers.
Only conspiracy I see is the conspiracy of your low self-esteem. Earn your respect, not arrogance and let all your wounds be healed.

Like a touch of summer breeze, the bear is awoken. Awaiting the unspoken, awaiting the new ideas from his mind. A little shy, that is to be understood. But he will wander into arms of sun and then, almost blinded, not used to this light, he will awake.

That or lose his eyesight, he might.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Nowadays it seems that all the science seeks is the sound of progress.
However you turn the big picture upside down, it is the embellishment of our species.
In the short time with a little trial and error we have constructed so many from so little. Sometimes are our ways a little too much invasive for our own good. Yet we could still flip off the universe in our self-sustained crusade which continues to this day.
But flaws of our psyche blocks the path to the paradise. It is so hard to move this boulder toward the golden gates, yet some of us chose to use only one hand or only chest to move this metaphor of trials. There is only one thing needed for us to succeed. Opened mind. This is so delicate concept that not even the preachers and scientists can understand.
Nobody is right.

There is no sense anymore in being right. Possessing the truth like it's commodity. If the veritas would be commodity, then its price would dance more than fire sprites in the night. Truth changes its color in time.

No, the importance is to transcend. To find what is above the truth. That my friend, that is progress.

And I don't mean silly conspiracy fetishist or raving madmen. I mean people who can open to the world. Like a child sans paradigmatic criticism.

Monday, December 19, 2011


The touch itself scratched the surface of the shell where my heart laid.
The lie lies in oversized expectations of our futures. However, our natures, tainted by bravado of monetary greed, still seek the way to achieve freedom of body, soul and mind.
Whoever those three will find, it would be kind, if he would share his treasure to all mankind.

Praying mantis smiles, the green sun melts down all your hopes and dreams. No matter how much you struggle, you find yourself paralyzed. I've analyzed this so far, there is no way for you to survive. What else to do than just wait the kiss of the executioner?

Yet courage doesn't fade so easily. Take your hand even though it isn't there, allow yourself to burn the spiritual flame of detest against the oppression, fear what they have harbouring for you.

Dance in the death, no other choice than swing through the night of eternal horrors. When I am running out of metaphors, let your fantasy backstab my letters.
Every time when the thunder clasps, clasp with him, smile till the breakthrough is made. There is long journey to be sane, even longer to be so insane, that you'll understand why sane are insane. So you better pack your things, we're leaving. Leaving your paralyzed mind.

Look up to the people who lost and yet they have continued the road. Real winner lose cannot. That is the bottom line, bon mot.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Spontaneous combustion of your willpower shall surely make your mind tingle.
It is a strange jingle, this single affection, leading to red-eyed personas hidden in the mist.
Everything we do, its merely saying "YES" or "NO" to the instincts singing into the ears of evolution.
There is no clear solution, if the higher are our morals than our natural souls. What is even our nature?
Humankind matured into doubting mass, questioning life whenever they please.
Yet can we really sleep at ease after all this philosophical cooking? No. The road to understanding ourselves and our impulses is a road with no safe haven, eternal piligrimage.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's easy and hard at the same time to forge the steel of believing.
When leaving your rational thoughts behind, deep in your mind you keep doubting everything.
You smile and conspire about the hidden yet base truth how the world spins around its rusty axis. But in practice, it's kind of hard to find the answer riddling your heart.

Everything is possible, yet you mustn't be blinded by zealots and fools. For only the tools hidden in ruse of klutz yet charismatic speakers will allow belief to stop the progress of the universe.